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Policy 6-10 (Program Attendance) establishes the attendance requirements for the paramedic programs and states:


  1. It is strongly recommended that students attend all scheduled classes.  If the student is unable to attend, they are responsible for the material covered.  The instructors will assist in identifying the course content that was missed, but will not re-teach the class.
  2. Students must attend a minimum of 90% of the in class component of the program (includes didactic and lab time); this means a student could miss up to 10% of in class component of the program.
  3. Students taking a program through distance learning must attend a minimum of 60% of the classes live and watch any classes they cannot attend live, within 5 days of the class being recorded. Distance students are subject to the 90% attendance requirement described under point 2 above.
  4. Students must attend no less than 100% of all hospital clinical and ambulance practicum time.  Once a student is booked and confirmed for a hospital clinical or ambulance practicum rotation they cannot miss that time.
  5. Attendance will be taken at the start of each class and will be documented electronically for tracking purposes. (Note:  Your login time and logout time are recorded through the Adobe Connect Sessions)
  6. If a student fails to attend the required amount of time for a program it will be an indication of the lack of respect they have for the training requirements, their instructors, lab facilitators and preceptors involved in their program.  If the student exceeds the amount of time they are permitted to miss during a program they may be dismissed.
  7. There may be extenuating circumstance resulting in a student falling behind on any component of their program (e.g. sudden illness of the student, financial difficulties, death in the family).  Initially, each case will be reviewed for validity by the lead instructor for the student's program.  Students with valid reasons for lack of attendance may be given permission to continue in their program.
  8. If there are extenuating circumstances, the lead instructor for the student's program will request the student to provide a documented and just reason for missing time (eg. physicians note).  In the event that a students extenuating circumstances are accepted as a rationale for their attendance, the school President, or their designate, will review the resources that are available to assist the student in making up the component of the program they are lacking attendance in.  At the discretion of the President, or their designate, and provided resources are available; the school may provide resources to assist the student in making up the component they are lacking attendance in.  However, the resources the school is required to put forward will be limited to those tater reasonably afforded and do not put undue burden on its resources.