Learning Management System

Medavie HealthEd allows students to access all their materials through a learning management system (LMS) called Moodle. This gives students access to their notes, calendars, handouts and much more. If you already a student, please click on the button below to access the login page for the LMS.



Missed Session Form

This form is intended for the purpose of tracking missed Live Sessions of the Distance Learning Paramedic Programs provided by Medavie HealthEd. Students that are not able to attend a specific live session as scheduled within their program are required to compete this form and email it to their instructor following the guidelines outline in the policy.

If a student misses a live session, as outline in 6-10-3, they must watch the recorded session and complete the attached form which will forward to the selected instructor within 5 days. By completing the form the student is signing a contract between themselves and Medavie HeathEd identifying that this has been completed. Failure to complete the form and/or send it to the instructor will result in the attendance for that session being recorded as an absent session and will count towards the students overall attendance record.

This form is now found on your CompTracker app under Forms for the Didactic portion of the application.

ACP Online Live Sessions

Students enrolled in the ACP Distance Programs can access their live classroom sessions through the Events Catalog. Click on the specific class and it will open the Adobe Connect Classroom utilizing your registered email.