We know our programs are great, but you don’t have to take our word for it

“The HealthEd ACP program gave me the ability to work full time and attend classes simultaneously. The faculty were all VERY helpful at all times and were readily accessible when I needed them. The instructor for our course went above and beyond at every turn and truly worked every bit as hard as any one of us did. Thanks to the second-to-none education that I received, I now have a great job in the industrial sector that affords my family a great standard of living.”
— Michael Hanson, ACP

“Currently in my 7th year of post-secondary education I can without hesitation comment that Medavie HealthEd and staff are second-to-none in terms of administrators who care about the material they deliver and the students they deliver it to – being a graduate of their PCP program and soon to be a graduate of their ACP program, there is no question why I returned to this intuition to continue in my educational journey.”
— Jason MacKay, ACP

“My paramedic training complemented the training I received in the army reserves. The program director allowed me to have time off to attend military exercises because I was succeeding in the program. My instructors prevented me from falling behind, and offered assistance to ensure I stayed on track . Being able to train as a artillery soldier in the Army Reserve while attending paramedic school further enforced a mutual commitment to serving my community and country.”
— Brent Deveau, ACP

“After the program, you become a true critical thinker in every aspect of your life. You will learn to use your new-found skills and education and apply it to every aspect of your life. You’ll learn to walk up to a complete stranger and carry on a conversation like you’ve known them for years. You develop soft skills you didn’t know you could.”
— Ahmed Jamshidi, PCP