Thank you to all those that applied for the 2021 Medavie HealthEd scholarship programs and congratulations to those who won!

The winners of the 2021 Medavie HealthEd Scholarship program are:

  • Katherine Dufresne was awarded $1500 from the John Rossiter Memorial Scholarship.
  • Dan MacDonald was awarded $1000 from Medline/Medical Mart Atlantic.
  • Krista Lane was awarded $1500 from the Craig Desjardins Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ernest Chan was awarded $1000 from the Andrea Thompson Memorial Bursary.
  • Kristyn Smith was awarded $1000 from the Michael Edward Steeves Memorial PCP Bursary.

The scholarship application process usually opens in April where candidates are given a month to submit their documents. The committee meets every May to review all applications and submissions. Finalists may be asked to participate in an interview with the scholarship committee to help in making a final decision.

The scholarship committee is made up of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Jennifer McVey – Medavie HealthEd Medical Director
  • Karen Rossiter – Rossiter Family Representative
  • Janel Swain – Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Representative
  • Sarah Boudreau – Emergency Medical Care (EMC)
  • Colleen Carey – Emergency Medical Care (EMC)
  • Prema Cooper – Emergency Medical Care (EMC)
  • John Ferguson, VP Business Development Medavie EMS – Executive Sponsor and Acting Chair
  • Brad Reid – Medavie HealthEd Program Manager
  • Tim Winchester – Communications Advisor

John Rossiter was a dedicated member of the paramedic community who gave as much as he could to the profession while bringing happiness to all of those he encountered along the way. John was a highly respected member of the paramedic community and during Hurricane Juan in 2003, John’s life was cut short in the line of duty. As someone who always went above and beyond to help those in need, the John Rossiter Memorial Scholarships are a way to preserve that legacy and continue helping people today, many years after his untimely passing.

We are pleased to announce the addition of the John Rossiter/Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education awards to this year’s program!

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Andrea Lynn Thompson was an advanced air flight paramedic from Amherst, Nova Scotia who worked with EHS in Nova Scotia, and with Thunder Airlines in Ontario where she stayed until her untimely death. Andrea was loved, admired and respected for her knowledge, quest for learning, her ability to share that knowledge but mostly for her caring and loving ways. Andrea’s family were so humbled by the love and support that they received from her Paramedic families in Nova Scotia and Ontario that they chose to establish this bursary as a tangible way to help others – just as Andrea would have wanted.

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Medline/Medical Mart is an innovative provider of quality medical products in the Canadian healthcare industry and has been providing exceptional service for over 30 years. Medline/Medical Mart is a strong supporter of continuing education and has generously provided an annual scholarship to assist Nova Scotia’s paramedics in achieving the educational goals. The Medline/Medical Mart Atlantic award is part of the John Rossiter Memorial Scholarship program and utilizes the same application process.

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Craig Desjardins was an integral member of the paramedic community. An accomplished educator and respected leader, Craig was a Regional Support Supervisor with the Emergency Health Services Operations Leadership Team, contributing over 17 years of care in the communities he served.

As an Advanced Care Paramedic, a member of the Collaborative Emergency Centre Team, previous Provincial Clinical Development Paramedic and active volunteer in the community, Craig was known for his deep clinical knowledge, gift for teaching and commitment to higher education. The Craig Desjardins Memorial Scholarship will continue to honour his legacy and remind us to always strive to provide the highest level of care to our patients and communities.

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Essay topics for for the John Rossiter Memorial, Craig Desjardins Memorial, and the Medical Mart Atlantic Scholarships this year include:

  • COVID -19 has introduced even more pressure onto the medical profession, which was already dealing with high rates of stress based on health system challenges. Factors can include but not be limited to physical isolation, a surge in care demands, concerns about  personal protective equipment, ongoing risk of infection to self and family, financial hardship or worry. Built-up stress can leave health care providers feeling overwhelmed and battling extreme exhaustion. How can paramedics monitor their mental health during these times and how and what resources are available to support them as front line health care professionals?
  • The role of a paramedic is a very diversified and flexible part of the health care system. How could paramedics be utilized during a pandemic to improve the health care needs of the community?
  • What is the role of paramedics in the community in which they serve? (Both on and off the job.)

Other Bursaries

These bursaries are available to students in paramedic programs but are not facilitated by Medavie HealthEd.  Any questions or requests for information should be directed to the appropriate contact listed on their documents.

The Nigel Merchant Allied Health Bursary

Nigel Merchant Application Form